Nemko establishes new gateway to Middle East


“The Middle East is an important region where product safety and energy efficiency standards are rising while markets are growing. It’s important for us to have a local presence,” says Nemko CEO Per Ove Øyberg. “At Nemko, we have the expertise to help our customers achieve market access. Our office in Jordan will be our gateway to the region.”

Nemko has since 2013 issued 95,000 pre-shipment certificates for goods imported to the Middle East. Several countries in the region are now tightening their certification schemes.

“We’re seeing a shift in the region from pre-shipment certification to product type certification,” says John Bakken, Senior Vice President, Nemko Group Operation & Region Europe. New standards are focusing both on safety, exclusion of hazardous substances in products and on energy efficiency,. This can translate to significant improvements and energy savings in markets totalling 400 million citizens in growing economies.


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